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SoSoStories positions itself to provide a most comprehensive and most informative knowledge platform with the most fun that it can match users’ personal preferences, individual interests and prior experiences.

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  1. MISSION I: SoSoStories provide personalized and customized audio tours for travelers around the world. Beside complimentary official-provided audio tours on its platform, SoSoStories also characterized audio tours into 7 other major categories, such as literature, history, architecture, sports, cuisine, and sentiments. The category label will be decided and set by the audio uploader while the travelers can search and select the respective category based on their preference. It also has the feature of setting favorites and follow or subscribe the uploaders if they prefer. In such way, SoSoSotories is building a new community of likely-minded travelers.

  2. MISSION II: SoSoStories is sable to provide reliable data for Smart City and creating a more efficient and harmonious city. For example, it can provide a platform for traffic police who is at the most congested intersection to provide free and most up-to-dated information regarding the current traffic situation and proper forecast. In doing so and similar tasks, SoSoStories can help promoting the city in a more efficient and interactive way.

  3. MISSION III: Businesses can use SoSoStories and its platform to develop and promote their image and brand-awareness in a comparably inexpensive access. For example, SoSoStories can provide a huge boost for restaurant industry as customers can learn more about recipe or cuisine culture while enjoying the food. Such an interactive and simultaneous response can further stimulate customers’ interest and cultivate brand loyalty.

  4. MISSION IV: The ever-evolving urbanization seals the fate of many ancient architectures, but SoSoStories at least can help slow the process down and help preserve the memory of those beautiful histories. For example, the social campaign of “ancient buildings, monuments, alleys and settlements” provides a platform to preserve and advocate the missing history even among residents. Not only SoSoStories promotes and makes those history available in an inexpensive way for public, the fee collected from listeners can in return generate funding to better maintain those historical landmarks.

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I came to your city just for the story you told me

  • Exponential Effect

    SoSoSotires’s unique geo location feature cause the replication cost much lower and make it easily replicable for markets around the globe.

  • Time Capsule

    a data package with individual Geo data will be generated when each transaction happens.

  • Low Marginal Cost

    SoSoStories fully utilizes latest technology inventions and inspirations to create a learning environment with low to none marginal cost, where everyone can have a much easier and cheaper access to more knowledge.

  • Blockchain

    The encryption element of the data package and decentralized character of all transactions establish a perfect foundation for a realistic blockchain scenario.

  • Customized Recommendation

    The voice recognition and big data algorithm can make recommendations to provide a customized recommendation list for each user

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    All matched users, when entering inside this circle, will have notifications pop up and be able to browse and eventually decide to whether listen to this audio.

  • Two

    Then, server will assign each audio files to proper categories and labels.

  • Three

    All matched users, when entering inside this circle, will have notifications pop up and be able to browse and eventually decide to whether listen to this audio.

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Our Team
Chairman - Chenyang Wu

Graduated from top 5 Risk Management and Insurance program in the United State at Temple University. Earned Bachelor of Business administration in Actuarial Science and Finance in 2015. Same year became the third student in school history to become Associate Actuary before graduation.

Earned the annual Award for Excellence for Distinguished graduates.

Graduated with Master of Science in Financial Engineering and Risk Management in 2017. CFA and FRM candidates. Currently work as senior CRA analyst at Woodforest National Bank.

Consultant, User Experience Center - Kun Wei

Director, Department of Visual Communication Design, Associate Professor, Graduate Student Advisor, Jianghan University

Member, China Packaging Education Committee

Secretary General, Hubei Packaging Education Committee

Member, Hubei Artists Association

Member, Wuhan Industrial Design Association

Member, Wuhan Artists Association

Member, 91 Graphic Designer Association

Senior Engineer - Liang He

Contributed to information security of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.Contributed to software development of “Cloud Computing Safety and Professional Service”, National Development and Reform Commission.Currently focus on mobile platform application development (Android, IOS)

Lead the software development for Wuhan Cadres Continue Education Collage, Wuhan Professional Persons’ Title Judgment System, Wireless Animal Body Temperature Monitor System, etc.

Senior Engineer - Hu Luo

Master, Director of Information Security Lab, Wuhan Engineer Science and Technology institute (WESTI)

Contributed to information security of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Contributed to Wuhan local government’s programs such as "Smart City", "Information security and risk prevention of civil service’s internal infrastructure and information system" etc.

Senior Engineer - Gangshan Cai

Master, over 10 years of software development experience Contributed to project "Backdoors Patching and Prevention Research", National High Technology Research and Development Program.

Contributed to software development of "Cloud Computing Safety and Professional Service", National Development and Reform Commission.

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